Wellness Coaching and Healing

Ready to Thrive

Are you ready to start new habits in your life?

Breaking unhealthy habits on your own can be challenging. This coaching package is suitable for people that require close support while going through their first 30 days of a new habit or lifestyle change. This is a short-term commitment to start building some routines and gaining focus.

Some areas that we support are:


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Health and Wellness Self-Examination
Initial Personal Coaching Session
1 x 60min
Follow-up Coaching Session
3 x 30min

There is an option for ongoing monthly coaching.

Coaching sessions are run via Zoom or phone (Viber, Signal, WhatsApp) call. Please let us know if you prefer any other software.

We look forward to speaking with you soon! Choose the right date and time that suits you, and let’s get started.

Monthly Personal Coaching Package (Starter)

$367.00  – 4 Coaching Sessions (Monthly*)

* Booking time is due to availability.

Please read Booking Instructions

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