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About Wellbeing

Wellbeing is not a one-liner definition of not just having a disease or illness. It is an intricate combination of an individual’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health, for wellbeing is holistic. It reflects on someone’s happiness and being satisfied regardless of anything around them. 


So, does it mean that wellbeing is also wellness? Most, if not all of us, use the words wellness and wellbeing interchangeably, and it is quite difficult sometimes to differentiate between them. Wellness, by definition, is related to our choices and decisions in our daily lives toward a more balanced and healthy life. Hence, wellness is a critical part of achieving optimal wellbeing. 


Wellbeing is our state, which results from our choices in our lives.

How to achieve optimal wellbeing?

To achieve an optimal state of wellbeing, you must first understand the importance of every component of well-being for you to determine the current state.


When we talk about physical wellbeing, it is simply defined as the ability of the person to perform daily physical tasks without being obstructed by body pains and undue fatigue. The most notable examples of activities that you can do to improve your physical wellbeing is having ample time for sleep, a balanced diet, and appropriate exercise. In dealing with this type of wellbeing, some people might need to consider changing their entire lifestyle behaviors to fortify the balanced state of the body that would prevent diseases and ailments. 


Oftentimes, we believe that physical health is separate from our mental and emotional wellbeing. As a matter of fact, these are all associated with one another. When our physical health is suffering, our emotional and mental wellbeing are also at risk.


To assess the state of your emotional wellbeing, you can review how easily you process your emotions, especially in challenging situations, and how do you cope with the ongoing life challenges. One of the easiest tools that you can use to assess your emotional wellbeing is to be self-aware and to recognize your actions, emotions, feelings, and thoughts without any judgements. 


One way of assessing mental wellbeing, is to review the thoughts and choices you make, especially in challenging situations and the ability to think positively to create a positive impact and desired outcomes in life.

Another component of wellbeing is as important as our existence, but most of the time, it is misunderstood. This is spiritual wellbeing. The general understanding of some individuals believes that this concept is inclined toward one particular religious ideology. However, it is emphasized that it is a state that leads us to deeper connections with our hearts and everything around us. When we are connected to our hearts, we are connected to life itself, reflecting positively in all areas of our lives. 


While assessing occupational wellbeing, the best is to review how connected and engaged are you in the activities you perform. 


A genuine relationship with all people applies to the last component of wellbeing, social wellbeing. It means a sense of belonging to a particular community, and you can coexist and contribute. 

Tips to improve wellbeing

Our energetic hologram is different from each other; we are all different and have different priorities and fears, and challenges in life. Our life paths to change are always individual and can be different from others.

But generally, the quickest way to make some life improvement is to make some positive changes in areas where you feel the most considerable pressure or where you acknowledge is the biggest weakness.

Here are some tips that you may consider:

  1. Take responsibility for your health and life
  2. Eat a well-balanced diet
  3. Have enough rest
  4. Exercise Daily
  5. Challenge ourselves daily and strive for self-improvement (i.e. practice hobby)
  6. Invest in close relationships with ourselves, other people, beings, and universal life.
  7. Live in the present moment
  8. Laugh, play, dance and enjoy life every day


In summary, wellbeing is not only associated with being happy, but it is a combination of being comfortable, satisfied, and healthy both physical, mind, spirit, and social; it is indeed holistic. However, when one of the components of wellbeing is affected, all areas in our lives get affected as they are all energetically interconnected.


It often feels like optimal wellbeing is unreachable and hard to maintain, especially when we get challenged by daily life situations. However, we still have the power to recalibrate our thoughts, focus and intent to achieve our optimum wellbeing. The strength of the growth and positive mindset comes from daily practice. Always remember, it all starts with a decision.

You cannot compare yourself to other people in terms of optimal wellbeing as this energy varies from person to person, and they are not the same. We need to take responsibility and ownership of our life and health and what makes us satisfied.

There is nothing more valuable than a LIFE.

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